Freelance blog writers can help businesses of all shapes and sizes. From super-size corporations to start-up sole traders, every company has a unique story to tell.

I have been writing about businesses for more than 20 years, firstly as a reporter and then Commercial Editor for a national media brand, and now as a freelance copywriter. During that time, I have frequently met clients who have told me: “we haven’t got much to say” or “won’t people find us boring?”.

The problem is, most business owners simply do not recognise their own achievements. You need to be proud of what you do, and you certainly should not be afraid about shouting about it. Let’s face it, nobody else is going to do it for you and – more importantly – you need to have a louder voice than your competitors. This is when freelance blog writers start proving their worth.

I remember visiting a family-run carpet shop situated in a prime town centre location. The owner told me that he regularly had visitors who said “we never knew you were here?” – the business had been on the same site for more than 40 years!

This proves that you should never assume that the public or the local business community knows what you do, so don’t be afraid to promote your services and expertise.

Secondly, companies are run by people so there is always a human interest angle. From a nostalgic piece on the founder of the firm to a profile on the longest serving member of staff, a personal story written by a professional writer can be inspiring to others. Freelance blog writers are able to spot these appealing marketing messages.

History has value and while many brands are quick to remind you of their provenance (M&S, Lloyds Bank, Guinness etc), some should do more. For example, what is Japan’s oldest car manufacturer? You are probably thinking of Nissan, Toyota or Honda – but the answer is Daihatsu, which was also the first Japanese car maker to import models into the UK. Sadly, the company was absorbed by the giant Toyota group in the 1990s and left the UK market in 2011 – maybe it should have made more about its past?

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