Considering writing an accountants blog to promote your website? Want to know more about how blogs can attract visitors? You have come to the right place…

Having a shiny new website promoting your accountancy business is not enough. The Google search engine recognises and rewards sites that regularly update their content. The more words you put online, the more chance your website will be found by your potential customers.

In my experience, not enough accountants have a blog section on their site, which means they could be missing out on new business.

What is an accountants blog?

The purpose of publishing a blog on your website is to provide information that educates and informs your visitors (who could also be potential clients). Producing regular, good quality website content is an important and cost-effective marketing tool for accountancy businesses of all sizes.

The list of benefits for posting a regular blog include brand awareness, creating sales leads and improving the overall performance of your website.

Here are my five reasons why an accountants blog section is vital for your website…

Become a thought leader

Creating a well-crafted blog enables you to share your knowledge and expertise, which will boost your credibility in the minds of your audience. Regular and topical content on business finance will be informative to your readers and they will respect you as a thought leader in the accountancy industry.

For example, an accountants blog section should include articles explaining the latest financial legislation, such as the Budget or tax changes from HMRC. The aim is to convert complicated material into easy-to-understand editorials, such as guides or top tips.

Increase website traffic

Not getting enough enquiries from your website? Publishing a regular accountants blog on your website will generate more visitors and clicks. While the content will be enjoyed by your readers, it will also improve your Google ranking, meaning there is more chance of people finding you.

The trick is to base your blogs on topics which answer the questions of your potential customers. By outlining the problem and offering a solution, you will become a trusted source of information.

The science behind website content is known as search engine optimisation (SEO). You need to understand what your customers are searching for, and then you need to provide quality content which incorporates SEO techniques, such as links, keyword density and a meta description.

Target industry sectors

What type of businesses do you want to attract? Grab the attention of your target audience with an article focused on that particular sector. For example, one of my clients has an accountants blog section catering solely for recruitment businesses.

Serving a niche market can bring big rewards as your firm will be seen as the expert in that industry. Your target audience might be in a geographical area, so you could create content including the names of towns, counties or regions.

Create sales leads

What do you want your website visitors to do? Every site must have a purpose, such as generating telephone enquiries, newsletter registrations, appointment bookings or ebook downloads. To maximise your sales leads, a website needs a clear customer journey so visitors can get what they want in the fewest clicks possible.

An accountants blog section can play an important part in creating sales leads. Every article needs to include internal links to other pages on the website. These can be subtle references, or stronger calls to action (e.g. Want to find out more? Book a no obligation consultation today).

Brand awareness

I often find that accountants aren’t always the best at promoting their services. Many firms are long established, some have been in the same family for generations, but they don’t always tell their unique story.

Writing a regular blog, and then promoting it via an email newsletter or social media, will keep your business at the forefront of customers’ minds. Your marketing efforts and content must reflect your firm’s personality and values. Chatty or professional, the writing style and tone need to be consistent and attractive to your readers.

People buy from brands and people they know, like and trust. Witing a regular blog is one part of the jigsaw that strengthens the bond between you and your customers.

Need a blog for your business?

I can help to create or revamp the accountants blog section on your website. I work with both large and small firms who want to reach new customers through good quality, informative content. To find out more, book a meeting here.