How Staff Can Add Followers to a LinkedIn Company Page

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Boost the number of followers to your LinkedIn company page with these simple steps for your staff.

Engage Your Employees

Your staff members are your strongest allies in growing a LinkedIn page following. Encourage them to spread the word with friends and colleagues who are interested in what you do. For new company pages, this is an essential step when getting off the ground. When employees tag your page in updates, and share with their networks the benefits of following your page, it can provide a big boost.

Also, be sure your staff are properly mapped to your LinkedIn company page, because every time an employee makes a new connection on LinkedIn, the new connection will be prompted to follow your page.

Email Signatures

Edit your staff email signatures to include a link directing recipients to your LinkedIn page, and encourage them to give it a follow. If you’re corresponding with someone professionally, there’s a good chance your page might interest them.

Add a Page Link to Profiles

Personal LinkedIn profiles are another opportunity for staff to direct people to your company page. Get them to add a shortlink to your LinkedIn page in the “Website URL” field on their profile.

Encourage Staff to Join LinkedIn Groups

Groups feature conversations between people who are passionate about certain topics and industries. Encourage staff to take part in these mini-communities, it can help create awareness for your brand while also demonstrating your company’s authority on key issues.

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